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It is with great pleasure that I announce the new corporate HeadQuarters for Feedcorp Pty Ltd. We have been graciously addopted by the team at CommQuest who have made available a slice of their awesome space at 6 Bay Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207. It is a wonderful environment, populated by some 35+ marketing, advertising, creative, mobile and web types across 5 different businesses situated in this old bluestone wharehouse on the corner of Bay Street and Beach Road looking out over Station Pier and Port Phillip Bay. This new space gives us access to a reception area, meeting rooms, a boardroom with all the required equipment and the mindspace of some very talented young people.

This move is a great leap forward in the growth of the feedcorp business which recently delivered the autopinions community site for PBL Media’s CarSales – and has since picked up another two Social network Media projects

Check out the pics of the new office below and drop in for a coffee if you find yourself in the area

Reception area

Reception area




Finally the season is into action. My daughter Tara and I headed for the hills (Mt Buller) this weekend just passed and although the weather was as bad as it gets the snow was awesome. We took off Friday evening on the 4hour drive broken only by a stop at McDonalds in Campbellfield to arrive at the Lodge around 11.15pm. Tara woke me at 5.45 excited and raring to hit the slope only to be told by a tired and grumpy old man to go back to sleep for a couple of hours. We were schussing our hearts out by 0830 for a couple of quick runs in very windy conditions before I dropped Tara at Ski School and took off for another 5 runs down Shakey knees and Tyrol and then into Tyrol cafe for an egg ‘n bacon roll, latte and the paper.

I picked T up at 3.30 and we skiied together on Little Buller Spur and shakey knees until 5 then home to change and off to Uncle Pat’s for dinner. Carbonara and an Aussie pizza (Geez we are on a health kick this weekend) in front of the BIG screen, showing a ski film. Next stop was Pancakes Plus for a stack with cooked banana, Ice cream and maple syrup. The girl has hollow legs! We were back at the lodge by 8 to watch a bit of the footy while playing Monopoly. Tara pushed off to bed around 9 while I managed to stay awake to watch the Saints come home with a superb second half.

Sunday brought a new day with very windy and wet conditions but we were up to the challenge! We snuck in a couple of quick runs down Bourke Street. I dropped Tara at Ski School again and headed straight to Shakey knees. By 1130 I ws saturated and sitting in Pancakes plus trying to dry my gloves, have breaky and read the paper. By 1230 it was snowing heavily and I was fed, read and dry and back out there. At 1pm pick-up Tara was not ready to stop but rather wanted to sign up for the arvo session. I went back to the lodge to clean up, picked her up at 3.30, we were in a taxi by 4.45, off the mountain with the masses feeding in Mansfield by 6 and home after a gruelling drive in heavy rain by 8.45

Can’t wait to get back up there in a couple of weeks!

Tara, ready for action!

Tara, ready for action!

Geez, we are into March. Can u believe it? I can’t. I had my first meeting for Feedcorp back in Early October. It has been almost 5 months. The excitement continues. Michael, Ben and I have finally got our updated IM out to potential investors today. The objective is to raise $800k to expand the Feedcorp and Gnoos business under the Red Lion Ventures umbrella. Among highlights to date, it shows quarterly revenue in last 3 quarters has gone from $54K to $96K to $209K.. so it’s on the growth curve. Next week we plan to set-up advisor/introducer equity incentives (cash and/or equity) for when people introduce investors.   In line with the updated IM we have launched a new website at  check it out and I have managed to get another two proposals out to major blue chip clients this morning. Ive got 4 more proposals to deliver by mid next week. There is a great sense of satisfaction when crossing all these tasks off on my list. Let’s see what next week holds! 

The first 3 weeks of 2008 have been all about funding, new biz dev, finding a new office space and the work on existing projects. We have made very good progress on all fronts. Four new proposals have been presented. One new project authorised for a major sporting organisation. We move out of the space at NetX in Prahran at the end of this week and have 3 options to decide between by early next week. Work has commenced on the largest project to date for Feedcorp – it is for a major classifieds publisher and will take up to 5 months to complete. We managed to secure funds via an existing investor at the revised valuation on the company at the end of last week and discussion continue with two VC groups. yesterday I sent a proposal off to a travel client looking at our Social Network Intelligence solution and today I managed to secure 3 meetings with major web publishers to discuss the gnoos content aggregation package. All very positive and very exciting!

Well and truely back on deck for 3 weeks now. I really tried to take time away from the lappy and blackberry and enjoy a summer down the coast with the wife & kids. Just like those summer Christmas holidays I enjoyed as a kid down at Anglesea. Well it was all I hoped for. We had a brilliant house with ocean views towards Lorne, brilliant weather and some great surf to boot.

I got roped into playing coach to the under 8 Nippers squad at Fairhaven Surf Life Saving Club- and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My daughter proved a champ at the flags and beach sprint while son Gus toughed it out as a 5 year old in the under 7’s. It was simply awesome to see their nwater confidence grow over the summer. Both kids are surfing and body boarding. Gus has developed a great arm from hours of beach cricket with his cousins. We renewed and made many friendships. Many BBQ’s. A few late night parties and one tragic funeral for Tim Gates a Fairhaven SLSC legend who I had the pleasure of meeting through this years coaching role. His death was tragic and untimely and our deepest, warmest thoughts and support go out to his family

Tim will be sadly missed by the Fairhaven club and the SLS movement in general but we will all be back at Airey’s for next summer to carry on his spirit

It’s been three months. Thirty something potential client meetings 15 proposals, one signed project and a whole host of investor metings with 4 different parties since I joined as CEO. Not bad progress given that work on this new project will start immediately and take 4.5 months and is worth a few hundred thousand dollars – our biggest project to date! We have a clean slate – the client has never had a web presence. Add to that a fantastic, enthusiastic and fun client team working on a group of sites in one of our favourite industry sectors. I wish I could fast forward 5 months…but I know what we deliver is going to blow people away!

Add to all that the fact that we are only three weeks into CY08 and have almost 50% of our projected revenue in the bank!

The client meetings, proposals and investor interest rolls on this week. It’s all good  

Off the back of signing this new project yesterday, we have renewed interest from potential investors which is massively encouraging for our growth strategy in 2008

I am onto the final straight!

In the office to complete a short list of tasks before we hunker down into Chrissy mode. Present wrapping tonight before Santa visits. The HUGE Christmas dinner with family and friends tomorrow. Then we do the annual Burley Christmas night feast at New Street before we pack up and head to the coast for Boxing Day Christmas lunch with my family and then on to Airey’s Inlet for the next 3 weeks. Kids are bursting to get into the surf and meet all their buddies at Nippers. I just cant wait to get into the water for a few surfs. Catch up with the crew that head to Airey’s each year – BBQs and relax. Great way to revitalise for the new year and the challenges ahead. I am very exciting about what 2008 holds. Stay tuned!

wow, what a few weeks. I left my job, fin ished up at Vividas after 4 1/2 years. Go skiing with the fam @ Buller, spend 2 weeks down at Aireys managing the kids school holidays, playing mister mom and teaching them how to surf – success! Both Gus and Tara can now stand up and ride the whitewater to the beach – hooray! In addition, I manage to squeeze in a few meetings in preparation for my new job as CEO of Feedcorp and then head off to the beautiful Club Med @ Lindeman Island for the BIG extended family holiday with Jill, Barry, Cam, Jules, Hud, Max, Greg, Kerry, Cat, Tara, Gus and I – much to my delight it turned out to be one of the best holidays ever! I am a total Club Med convert if you have kids. We actually got to spend some time by ourselves. I even read 2 books – amazing! Photos to follow. Now it is back to reality and work. A new challenge. I cant wait to sink my teeth into it

Oh yeah, just lovin’ life!

I could get use to this between jobs thing. Another blue sky day. Kids back at school. Fresh juice in hand and a new list of tasks to accomplish by 3.30 pickup. Emails done, Ive ticked off 4 things already and have an 11am meeting. Just enough time to don the runners and hit the pavement for a quick run. Be back soon 🙂

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